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NYLA Conference 2007 – Oct 17-Oct 21

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This is my first year attending the NYLA conference and it was an enlightening experience. I truly enjoyed my time at Buffalo with the Conference, hotel stay was another thing all together, but let’s just focus on the conference. I imagine if there’s any more interest, I will have to follow up with what I learn or meet at another entry.
Briefly to sum it all up, this was my itinerary or which programs I attended. There were nine programs and other events. I wrote what I experience in a minute sketchy style.

Thursday – Day 1

Program #1 – What Are They Thinking? – Case Study of how Rochester University utilize and undergrad study to remodel their library. I took a brief moment to peek in the Best of Reference program which had rave reviews by other conference attendees.

Program #2 – Issues and Challenges: Views from Academe – I saw my MLS chair for this panel, where there was six library schools from all around NY that spoke about the challenges and overviews of what they were doing. For the many schools, there is a growing need for teaching more technology courses, and meet the standards of educating skill librarians. Many of the other schools also spoke about a need for faculty and how 36 credits for an MLS wasn’t enough. This is true, MLS is at a disadvantage since as a major, there is no undergraduate base for learning. When it got up to talking about my school, I was a little surprised to learn from that at my school there wasn’t as much faculty need as there was for money. I suppose so, when my MLS is considered to be part of the city’s university system and there is a need for more external money to pore in.

After the official conference programs were over for the day I went to three more extra events. An NMRT (New Members Round Table) meet and greet where the food was mistakenly eaten by people from an earlier event, because servers mistakenly placed it out for a wine tasting event.

The second extra event I went was a SMART/RASS Reception: The Black Pioneers of Niagara Falls. It was an interesting example of a oral history preservation project that needed to be digitally preserve. There was a call for networking and support for this kind of local history preservation project that reminded me of how history should be preserved so that the future generations can learn from the past and it would be making a local community much more united.

The last event I went to was to watch the film premiere of The Kite Runner. Film release dates are pushed back because of this issue. So I think I was lucky to see it… I thought the movie was well portrayed, there was only minor changes, but overall the movie was very true to the book, so that is what I appreciate in a movie inspired from a book.

Friday – Day 2

Program# 3 – Baby Busters, Gen X, and Born Digital Babies – This was an great event, the room was definitely packed as everyone crowded to listen to Stephan Abram. He was an excellent speaker. I posted up the notes I took of his program on my livejournal, it was five pages in all and everything was very sound regarding about, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.

Program #4 – Getting it Write: Successful Professional Writing – A program on the practice of writing formal emails, since it is important and a sign of respect to write formally. It does not need to be rocket science to figure out the horrible impression you can make if you write an email to someone important at your work place and it would be as causal as to any of your friends or family.

Program #5 RSS, Blogs and Library Services – Technical Difficulties impacted upon this program, there were wonderful examples of this program that wasn’t shown, but fortunately there is a portion of the program uploaded onto the internet, for instructions on creating your own RSS. The main idea of implementing a blog at the library though, is to establish clear guidelines for disclaimers and any other rules needs for a public library blog.

Program #6 – Geographic Information Systems for Libraries – GIS or mapping techniques can be used for demographic purposes to study where any locations can be deemed necessary for any improvement on library service. I wonder if I am writing this a bit too flowery – since Geography can study where it is good for library planning – The speaker of this event was a man called Nathan Burtch.

It was a packed day… afterwards there was a NYLA Membership Meeting that I went to so that was interesting, I got the opportunity to gain a free ticket for the Inaugural Celebration afterwards. The food was good, the main entree was beef with side dishes, I liked the side dishes of potato and sweet potato – it melded well together, pass up on the cream squash.

Saturday – Day 3

Program #7 – Coffee Klatch with ALA – Met an ALA representative and went over some questions and concerns of the profession. Coffee hour experiencing a slice of the national and the state sections.

Program #8Tag it! – A program of social bookmarking and tagging – it was a highly useful program, that I learned a lot from. In terms of my blogging and how everything can be connected together – tagging is very useful.

Program #9 – Mentoring Matters: Pathways to Career Building – Highly useful for anyone starting in a communication oriented field. It is very important to develop a support network.

Finally I went to the farewell luncheon, so that concludes this year’s NYLA conference- I imagine that I will attend next year’s conference at Saratoga Springs.


Written by Linda

October 20, 2007 at 6:01 pm

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  1. very informative. thanks for sharing your insights. i enjoy your written impressions.

    javier hernandez miyares

    March 20, 2008 at 3:42 am

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