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Video of Richard Barniuk talking about Goodbye, Textbook hello, open-source learning

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This is a dream in making…… but there is the fear of losing the information at the long run from now.. but what an interesting talk. I was trying to provide a video of the talk, but somehow the code that the video is on, does not appear as an embedded video.. so I am going to provide a link here.

Professor Barniuk speaks about his vision for an electronic open-source system that lets teachers share digital texts and course materials, modify them and give them to their students — all free.  Instead of having to pay the publishers for revised editions and slowness in updated material being made avaliable.


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March 26, 2008 at 12:21 am

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As the Spring semester progresses, I find myself piled with many essays. One of the tips that my professors have mentioned earlier in the semester is to read outloud any written works you have written before handing in essays. I was a little befuddled by what to do.. and a little nervous as well.. so I thought it was helpful when I read in my blog reader of this service that Stephen’s Lighthouse recommended.

There are several pros and cons of this type of solution that has. Any text that is inputed into the service is read outloud… with choice of speaker and download able as a podcast or mp3. A con that I have is the computerized voice of the speaker, but being able to listen to any text in an audio voice…is good.

I remember writing an entry earlier in one of my other blogs about another type of web service reader.. the Zap reader which is not audio based, but if you input text in the reader then the program would display on line the speed in which the text may be seen by the viewer.

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March 25, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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Usefulness of Pathfinders.

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Pathfinders are paper or electronic references that people can utilize if they need a step by step tutorial in exploring media that they are unfamiliar with, such as search engines. The idea for this post is originated from a personal experience of needing to be the vocal pathfinder for students at my workplace. Librarians or even search engine homepages provide tutorial in searching through unfamiliar territory. An example of this is with which is only accessible through licensing service. However, if your library has paper sheets detailing tutorials with various programs, take advantage of that and run with it.

One of the neat things about various search engines is that even with different types of interfaces, basic searching methods is similar.

I wonder if I should emphasize on certain methods I usually do and invite any questions?

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March 23, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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