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Currently I am enrolled in my summer class and yesterday the Professor was speaking about three websites that are useful to keep to keep track of books read. I never thought about it in that light before, but I figure I can mention it here…,, I love Librarything, since I got my first reviewing job from there and I feel that there is a semi-community there. Goodreads is something I joined because a classmate/friend uses their services, so I use it to semi-keep track of books I am reviewing there. Shelfari is the newest in the listing book one, and so far it’s iffy on selecting books owned and have read. There is accessibility in allowing people to chose the editions for what they have read.

I remember when i was young and before the computer, my sister and I role play and we would be pseudo-librarians, pretend making loan cards. Mostly I remember writing lists of books I owned and have read. So perhaps Shelfari can be that list keeper now.


Written by Linda

July 9, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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  1. you were born to be a librarian and a great one you will be. love your posts.

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