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NYLA 2008 – Recap and overview

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Wow… what a delay, about a week… kudos to all the presenters and people who are part of NYLA. I enjoyed my time there immensely.. so this will be a start of several posts, I will post up regarding about NYLA 2008, as I had some time to digest the experience.

This year’s theme is: Connecting Collaborating Cooperating

These are the programs I was able to attend:

Program 1: I Just Want to Make Another Copy
Program 2: Best of Reference
Program 3: Keeping Up Keeping Organized
Program 4: Libraries in Developing Countries
Program 5: What Else Can You Do with a Library Degree?
Program 6: Meet the Bloggers
Program 7: From Student to Supervisor

I decide to write up notes/or a representation of some programs I went to. There were many breaks between each program, as the weekend was a time of relaxation, and learning. I was able to see many librarians that I met last year, and made the acquaintance of many librarians as well. I had the opportunity to have many interesting conversations as well..

Now under the cut, is a more breakdown of what I did in those three days, summed in a nutshell.


  • Went to the NYLA Network Breakfast in the morning
  • Program 1
  • Volunteered at the NMRT table
  • Lunch
  • Program 2
  • Volunteered at the ASLS table
  • Meet and Greet with NMRT
  • Alumni thing with QC (turns out it was a very short event)
  • Met and had to a very enjoyable dinner, with my roommate, some wonderful people from Queens Public Library and Jane from SJDS Biblioteca.


  • Program 3 – was room monitor for.
  • Program 4 – Jane was presenting at the event, so that made me think of Panama.
  • Lunch – went to the RASS Noted Author Luncheon – with a slight adventure lugging papers from Hilton to Holiday Inn and then back.
  • Program 5 – was room monitor for as well.
  • Program 6 – was a very interesting program, that highlighted the usage of Twitter, and made some professional friends/contacts
  • Tired out from the day’s event. Had dinner at a so-so restaurant with my roommate.


  • A disappointing experience with the Job center
  • Program 7
  • Lunch with roommate, at a really neat coffee shop
  • Experience one of the best Borders experience. (I think my opinion is skewed, because one they had a fabulous bl-collection, and I had a sample of their holiday drink.
  • Traveled back to NYC


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November 15, 2008 at 4:01 am

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