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Research – any solution on portablilty?

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Research, something I find myself surrounded by. I like to read about new things, and prefer to save .pdf vesrsions from the databases I can seach through, but what about moments when you’re on the road or in my case, the train. I can’t always heft around my laptopn, and have been searching for that solution to save my eyesight.

The better idea is to covert everything to using those ereading devices from Amazon or Sony, but those can be considered frivious purchases, that I actually see some reveiws, as saying – that paper is much better.

Currently as a adjunct, my supervisor tasked me to learning as much as I can about instutiional repostitories. Another is for personal reasons, but it is community college, and reference with technology.

So now kinda stressing over the fact that I have to try and read as much pdfs on. How should one feel when confronted with this much pdfs to read. I will probably secumb to the lure of purcahsing an ereader one of these days.. but it is so aggravating to try and save toner, paper, weight, and space. I doubt my desk can hodl up all the paper I want to print.


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March 7, 2009 at 2:46 am

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Book Reviewing and Benefits, even if it often work with no pay…

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As a new librarian, reading book reviews is one way to boost your knowledge quickly in terms of being a Public or Acquisition librarian who knows all that is out there.That is my belief. Hence the extravagant pricing for subscriptions to PW, Booklist, Choice, or Library Journal. It takes a lot of work, love for reading, headaches to read an amount of books, and then produce a book review.

If you are reading the established publications, that I mentioned. You will notice some characteristics, length of the review, and/or what type of agenda is the review trying to push. Is it pushing you to purchase the book, or saying that it is a book to avoid? One thing I notice is often how neutral the reviews are. This is formal writing, but once you get on the net – there are many places with reviews that would be a personal touch.

Nowadays – with web 2.0, everyone should be able to share reviews right? But what would happen if you join up with a group.. isn’t that neat then? There is some unity in writing within a group, other writers – that may read something and then review it, would it be books that you yourself eventually read – or would you read the book yourself and then write a review that would go alongside that other book review?

I would say, sure it is neat. As a reviewer for J LHLS, I find msyself being compelled to asssit, any way that I can. Because as a librarian – the feeling to refer other people to books – is interesting. The ease of writing reviews, makes a person more familair with writing for publication, while the nerves to write good reviews may not go away any time soon. I truly enjoy the benefits to reading various types of books, that I can get to keep after I am done with the review. I actually don’t think I can comfortably jump into reading a book, without a review or a recommnedation anymore..

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March 1, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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