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Book Reviewing and Benefits, even if it often work with no pay…

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As a new librarian, reading book reviews is one way to boost your knowledge quickly in terms of being a Public or Acquisition librarian who knows all that is out there.That is my belief. Hence the extravagant pricing for subscriptions to PW, Booklist, Choice, or Library Journal. It takes a lot of work, love for reading, headaches to read an amount of books, and then produce a book review.

If you are reading the established publications, that I mentioned. You will notice some characteristics, length of the review, and/or what type of agenda is the review trying to push. Is it pushing you to purchase the book, or saying that it is a book to avoid? One thing I notice is often how neutral the reviews are. This is formal writing, but once you get on the net – there are many places with reviews that would be a personal touch.

Nowadays – with web 2.0, everyone should be able to share reviews right? But what would happen if you join up with a group.. isn’t that neat then? There is some unity in writing within a group, other writers – that may read something and then review it, would it be books that you yourself eventually read – or would you read the book yourself and then write a review that would go alongside that other book review?

I would say, sure it is neat. As a reviewer for J LHLS, I find msyself being compelled to asssit, any way that I can. Because as a librarian – the feeling to refer other people to books – is interesting. The ease of writing reviews, makes a person more familair with writing for publication, while the nerves to write good reviews may not go away any time soon. I truly enjoy the benefits to reading various types of books, that I can get to keep after I am done with the review. I actually don’t think I can comfortably jump into reading a book, without a review or a recommnedation anymore..


Written by Linda

March 1, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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