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Hmm.. a thought from Carl Grant’s commentary

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Well yes I am updating this blog, that has not been updated since last spring, but as I read from my list of Google Readers, I noted that miss_tinamarie shared this, and was interested to say nonetheless, this was on something she shared a while ago from Stephan’s Lighthouse on commentary from Carl Grant about an article on the future of academic librarianship in this changing technological world.

The article features an article I have heard last year at ACRL/NY, where the topic was brought forth on how paper-noted is librarians on being heard. This brings forth the idea on what exactly makes a published author or not. Still with the issues I see, myself included that writing is such a scary process, it makes it more difficult to want to write just about one subject when there are so many more interesting things.

Yes I do believe that librarians don’t add content to what information is out there, but information is ever changing, and from the headaches I have – yes there is too much to try and disseminate. Still whenever I think about writing, my heart gives a thump, and I want to be able to let my voice be published eventually.. now if I can work on my grammar, that would be a better thing.


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October 6, 2009 at 3:33 am

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