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Junior Faculty meeting @ PSCCuny

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This happened to be my first Union meeting, so I ended up taking a lot of notes, since I found it relevant to my career. I am only listing down the notes I jotted down, and while this may or may not be relevant, Also as I sat in the attendees, listening to a panel of 2 to four faculty, many of the notes I wrote down have overlapped, so I’ll be editing consciously. I’ll be posting a read more tag.

CUNY is big.

Don’t be bounded just by your campus.

Life in Academia is defined by tenureship.

Learn how to be an advocate for yourself.

Seek mentorship

Community college level is different from senior college level.

Culture of mentoring and working with faculty

Rules/read fine print/seek to take care of yourself.

Make this road meaningful.

Quantify your work.

Relationship with chair is probably important to gain tenureship

Can say “no” and if first year, can say no to certain things.

Build trust

Can’t be passive

Set own list of goals before you meet your chair prior to annual review.

*Your interest as a scholar matter*

Build relationships with colleagues and people in the same position or seeking tenureship.

Anxiety happens.

Document everything.

In first year, you survive.

Be careful to say no, and be nice when you say no.

Make friends with people one or two years ahead of you.

Everything you get involve in, gets documented.

Be helpful to the people ahead and behind you.

Overwhelmingly people in CUNY gets tenure, so you will have to really mess up to not get tneure. (95%)

Be able to bring files to HR

Have 2 or more folders..


College wide P+B

Not everyone is savvy, you need to find mentorship.

PSC is your advocate – talk to people in union before going to talk with a college administration.

Need to understand culture of department and college.

What requirements are needed for promotions?

Tenure changes… be careful and look at other colleagues.

*Annual review*

Requirement for research is increasing

Shadow work load

Necessity to write a book?

Peer review/discussion papers/presentations/poster sessions

Suggestions for another panel on what is considered acceptable publications in a Community College setting?

Typically it is two peer reviewed articles within seven years.

Instead of relying on rate my professor or rely on current online assessment. *Create your evaluation tool*

Reassignment time – use it to amp up your publications

Reassignment time is a right and time by contract.


Components of being faculty.

  • Teaching
  • Department Service
  • College Service
  • Publication/Conferences
  • Collegiality

Write a recommendation for a student – keep a copy.

Personal file – inspect it once a year.

(Get credit for handouts)

Going for early promotion – guarantees tenureship

Don’t ever forget the value of your work

Figure out the culture of your college and there’s a lot of compromise involve. Have to seek a marriage between things you like to do and your career.

Try to be involve/Stay connected with union chapter

Administrator is not on your side, union is.



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April 1, 2014 at 3:08 pm

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