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Research and Grants @ PSCCUNY

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This was also an panel where it was packed with speakers within CUNY who has all received grants, and was giving a bit of their experience and answering questions. 

Research at CUNY

Find a like minded department, where you can meet like minded and grant people.

To get research time – use lots of hours.

2 ways to get grants

  • -Have a clear research agenda
  • -Be a primary instigator

Find a niche

Focus on grant writing

When you’re starting out at job, just be sure to say “no” to preserve your research time.

Research internal CUNY grants and then look toward collaborative grant projects

Stay with current research

Be willing to expand yourself

PSC grant system is available

Smartest thing is to make sure research agenda is filled for teach and service load.

Course release is often granted by service release.

Be forward looking and forward thinking, make it work for you. Don’t just say no and say yes cleverly.

Around this point of the panel, I asked a question on how to get started on grant writing, was a class necessary and this was an advice I was given.

  • *Look and emulate other people’s successful grant writing.

Group grants are important – collaborate with graduate or undergraduate students

Diversify portfolio, and be able to make it work for more than just your subject.

Make sure to be articulate

Clearer and simple, be sure to articulate so that it can be measurable in the end.

Learn how to write a compelling story that would personify your cause to the review panel.

Be a consultant (librarian as consultant?)

Be able to establish what your role is in the grant.

Like a job search there are stages to advance through.

Building networks and collaborating – join groups where your skills are complementary

Talk to people over coffee – ideas will spark and there are ideas to follow up.

Get feedback on paper that is published.

Talk with people and understand that collaborations is not forever

Have a curiosity/conversation

*Have a good working relationship

Be sure to look for collaborative opportunity/workshops with other scholars like you

Embed yourself into associations or conferences. Be sure to network there.

Social media – be sure to craft a scholarly persona was suggested as a place to connect over social media.

 IMLS – Institute of Museum and Library Services

Organizations will have workshops to try and diversity the pool of people who get the grants


Book contracts

  • Have an idea – go to publisher and send them an email/pitch
  • Marketing potential/content value
  • Not really a contract to publish book – just publishers will have first dibs to take a look at your book

Peer review paper

  • Have to determine what is the right journal that will publish in a timely fashion
  • Peer review process will have dialogue with reviewers, make clarifications and then get published

Write an abstract

Prospectus – prep for a book

 Each press has different expectation


Journal publication is with luck

  • high impact journals (reputation)
  • published in a timely fashion

Work on a couple of projects at a time – if something gets rejected – will have a backup

Be aware of industry standards and speed

Can be an emotional process

Be thick skinned and be prepared for critique or rejection

 Psychological process of moving it forward.

Dissertation is an example to begin with publication

Make a pitch when you have a prospectus ready

Think strategically

Knowledge production


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