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Thoughts about Autism

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These past years, I have made it a point to be more mindful for specific disabilities that I thought about as a I grew up. Autism, and what the spectrum may entail. I remember my first recollection about reading this disability, from Ann M. Martin’s Kristy and the Secret of Susan. I also learned that she has published Rain Reign, a book recently about the same theme.

Recently I learned that Sesame Street is introducing  Julia, their first Muppet character with Autism. I also found this helpful from Sesame Street social initiatives to on the topic of Autism among young children.

There are much books and media available and I had read this book previously as a textbook for a class: The Parent’s Guide to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum.

I also recently read about this conversation between Emily Brooks and Nicole Chung, that speaks about current education issues, and how having a disability is more challenging under the current government.

Mr. Dude writes a blog entry about working with students with autism in a library environment.



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March 23, 2017 at 1:06 pm

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Updating…2017 onward

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It has been a very long period since I have been on this blog. The last time I have updated was back in October, 2016. I am still in school, working on my second masters, which has been an interest of mine, as I go wade deeper into my chosen second degree program. I have come to some terms, and I still am continually improving my self. I will be looking to writing/publishing some more.

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March 3, 2017 at 12:29 pm

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