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Flood of meeting notes to come!

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On March 28, 2014 I was able to attend the 17th Annual Teaching and Technology Conference at Baruch College, where there were three hours of panels/presentations made. Following that, I attended two PSC CUNY Junior Faculty meetings. I took a lot of notes, and of course in the next following entries, I will be just updating blog entries with my notes.

This is mostly for my records, and by no means am I trying to dictate someone else’s experience. Read at your own peril, or draw up popcorn.

For Baruch’s conference I attended these panels:

Blackboard Collaborate: Teach Beyond the Classroom
Publishing with Blogs@Baruch
Launching an Online Course

PSCCuny: How to Survive &  Thrive in first seven years at CUNY 

Tenure Community College
Grants and Research


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March 31, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Publishing Rollercoaster ACRL Webinar

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Yesterday I was able to attend an ACRL webinar about publishing ups and downs over at Queensboro Community College. These are my notes as I took it down. They are incomplete and by no means is meant to tell your publishing journey. Statement in parenthesis are my own notes/observations.

Chris Hollister , Buffalo, NY
Angela Courtney, Bloomington, IL
Barbara Fister, St. Peter, MN
Melinda Dermody, Syracuse University

What general advice about writing can you impart?

  • Rejection is to be expected. (Still you can learn from rejections)
  • Select publication that is relevant for the paper that you are writing about.
  • Keep an eye on calls for paper from professional org

What do you find difficulty about writing? Strategies with research and writing.

  • Encountering ideas that are interesting and useful
  • Having time and energy
  • Practice practice practice.
  • Emulate styles of people who write well.
  • Partner with people who edit and write well.
  • Research partner doesn’t have to be colleague.. Partner either with faculty or partner up with a lot of people.
  • Getting first paragraph down is hard.
  • Drifting away from outlining, and better to outline.
  • Get in writing groups.

What are weakness recognize in LIS manuscripts? (709 papers) Suggest ways of addressing these weakness

  • Weakness in writing skills. Uncertainty.
  • Not caring…about the subject that they write about.. Consider the reader.
  • No original content? (Regurgitation)
  • Have to be careful with broad generalization… More important to back it up with facts.  Ex. Ref lib are frustrated with virtual ref… and that’s it… no other things to back it up.

-What do you see as most important qualities of great professional writing?

  • Be sure that you’re not hiding behind common phrases..
  • Good organization.
  • Be able to emulate in a voice that is appropriate for that genre of publication.
  • Clarity and precision
  • Avoid multiple words
  • Logical and consistent flow
  • Development of personal style
  • Have to care and be connected with what you’re writing about. Dedication to research.

-How can librarian find support… Financial time value for writing and pub endeavors

  • Depends on where you work… Institution and dept.
  • Make time.. and it is what it is mentality… Often outside of 9-5 time period.
  • Grants
  • Perseverance.. Push through… Librarians are a social bunch.
  • Choose something of personal interest
  • Surround yourself with a group of like minded people.
  • Manage your own calender..make it your job.

-What are useful ways to find venue for writing? What are best ways of matching a writing ideas to appropriate LIS publishers or publications?

  • Professional organizations, discussion lists
  • Take a look at organizations of the content you want to write for..
  • Poster sessions.. Helps you test waters.
  • Scholarship
  • Hang out where librarians hang out/talk to people/ twitter..webinars..discussion lists.. Find niches.. Open access journals.
  • Directory/publisher opportunities/subject wikis
  • Read journals of pub interests..looks at editorial boards..look at writing styles…consider how does journals treat their library…consider what your content is?

-What value do you see in nontraditional pub venues such as bloggging and online journals? Does this kind of writing have value for our professional?

  • Put things out in the world..
  • Library blogs.
  • Be sure to be distinctive in online publication.. Online or open access… Be something noteworthy for scholarship.
  • Be sure to be allow to know what is noteworthy and authoritative.. Not just in it for an agenda. … Warning about as a predatory print.

-Do you think librarians should be writing for general public or for scholarly publications in other academic disciplines?

  • Depends on library and type of work.. Academic libraries should be writing scholarly pub.. And yes to publications in other academic publications.
  • Depends on librarian’s own choice.. Tho warning to not just focusing on that.. Writing should be a constant practice.
  • Depends on what you want to write. Agree for more writing either way. Researcher has to be able to write for a public and not just being a scholar..

-As librarian can we support open access publications? What if the best journal for your research aren’t OA? How about if you are invited to pub in a journal not oa friendly?

  • Awareness that publishers are changing.
  • Cant fit a square peg into a round one. Have to seek journals.

Questions to panel

-How did Chris begin an open access journal?

  • Google Online journal system… Ojs.. Downloadable platform.
  • Make sure it has the right editorial board to properly watch, attract submissions and show authenticity.

How would you become an editor, would you have to be invited?

  • Very easy to write to existing editorial panels to volunteer about joining to be an editor.
  • Start off as a manuscript reviewer.. And with work.. Be promoted from within?

Recommended websites to check out for publication leads.

Open Access Workflows in Academic Libraries
A Library Writer’s Blog

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March 26, 2014 at 3:43 pm

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Hmm.. a thought from Carl Grant’s commentary

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Well yes I am updating this blog, that has not been updated since last spring, but as I read from my list of Google Readers, I noted that miss_tinamarie shared this, and was interested to say nonetheless, this was on something she shared a while ago from Stephan’s Lighthouse on commentary from Carl Grant about an article on the future of academic librarianship in this changing technological world.

The article features an article I have heard last year at ACRL/NY, where the topic was brought forth on how paper-noted is librarians on being heard. This brings forth the idea on what exactly makes a published author or not. Still with the issues I see, myself included that writing is such a scary process, it makes it more difficult to want to write just about one subject when there are so many more interesting things.

Yes I do believe that librarians don’t add content to what information is out there, but information is ever changing, and from the headaches I have – yes there is too much to try and disseminate. Still whenever I think about writing, my heart gives a thump, and I want to be able to let my voice be published eventually.. now if I can work on my grammar, that would be a better thing.

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October 6, 2009 at 3:33 am

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Updates – Personal and Professionally.. April Update

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Well of all my blogs this is the one that I update the most infrequently, that should change one of these months, give or take.

I am right now doing several things at once – I am on Spring Break from my part time job as an adjunct Librarian in the Community College I work at.

Preparing to take the GRE next week, as well as preparing for a short trip to Japan next month. Also going to the Book Expo next month, so preparing for that at the moment.

Also in the midst of all this, preparing for graduate enrollment at Hunter for Spring 2010. Hoping to being in Fall 2009 as a non-marticulated stuent, but who knows how it would turn out.

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April 16, 2009 at 6:29 pm

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Research – any solution on portablilty?

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Research, something I find myself surrounded by. I like to read about new things, and prefer to save .pdf vesrsions from the databases I can seach through, but what about moments when you’re on the road or in my case, the train. I can’t always heft around my laptopn, and have been searching for that solution to save my eyesight.

The better idea is to covert everything to using those ereading devices from Amazon or Sony, but those can be considered frivious purchases, that I actually see some reveiws, as saying – that paper is much better.

Currently as a adjunct, my supervisor tasked me to learning as much as I can about instutiional repostitories. Another is for personal reasons, but it is community college, and reference with technology.

So now kinda stressing over the fact that I have to try and read as much pdfs on. How should one feel when confronted with this much pdfs to read. I will probably secumb to the lure of purcahsing an ereader one of these days.. but it is so aggravating to try and save toner, paper, weight, and space. I doubt my desk can hodl up all the paper I want to print.

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March 7, 2009 at 2:46 am

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Book Reviewing and Benefits, even if it often work with no pay…

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As a new librarian, reading book reviews is one way to boost your knowledge quickly in terms of being a Public or Acquisition librarian who knows all that is out there.That is my belief. Hence the extravagant pricing for subscriptions to PW, Booklist, Choice, or Library Journal. It takes a lot of work, love for reading, headaches to read an amount of books, and then produce a book review.

If you are reading the established publications, that I mentioned. You will notice some characteristics, length of the review, and/or what type of agenda is the review trying to push. Is it pushing you to purchase the book, or saying that it is a book to avoid? One thing I notice is often how neutral the reviews are. This is formal writing, but once you get on the net – there are many places with reviews that would be a personal touch.

Nowadays – with web 2.0, everyone should be able to share reviews right? But what would happen if you join up with a group.. isn’t that neat then? There is some unity in writing within a group, other writers – that may read something and then review it, would it be books that you yourself eventually read – or would you read the book yourself and then write a review that would go alongside that other book review?

I would say, sure it is neat. As a reviewer for J LHLS, I find msyself being compelled to asssit, any way that I can. Because as a librarian – the feeling to refer other people to books – is interesting. The ease of writing reviews, makes a person more familair with writing for publication, while the nerves to write good reviews may not go away any time soon. I truly enjoy the benefits to reading various types of books, that I can get to keep after I am done with the review. I actually don’t think I can comfortably jump into reading a book, without a review or a recommnedation anymore..

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March 1, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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E-publishing vs. Publishing- Which better as a news source?

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Happy MLK Day….for those that get a day off.


One of the things as a new librarian at this time,  you would see is the abundance of information via print or electronic source materials.

Personally I get surrounded by news from the print and electronic – in deals with library publications. In terms of electronic news, I get to read tons and tons of it from my Google Reader, while in print I have subscriptions to Library Journal and American Libraries.

Still which is the more pertinent information source?

Getting surrounded by all these infromation pools,  can lead to moments of information overload, which I personally get a lot of….  but then how would you, as a library professional handle the input of all the news?

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January 19, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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