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Publishing with Blogs @ Baruch

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Baruch has embraced blogs as an educational tool with students. So this panel featured Baruch faculty and students that have used blogging as a way to talk about what they do. These are notes that I took, with some links to the blogs that I saw that I thought was useful. Many of the blogs shown were actually only in house use, meaning that it is not public, so it it only course specific.

Wide range of publishing on this platform as case study

Google analytics is free

Micro mongraphs… Thru small repetitive tasks.. Are students allowed to do historian type work to learn.

Blog focused on. Written by students at Baruch

Value added to get readers to come back.

Deliver information

Creating engagement (contests)

Blog focused on. Originally a print magazine, that transition into a digital one.

Be ahead of technology in a user friendly way

Interactive mapping.

Can allow for more pre class work. (Inform students, of what is the agenda beforehand)

Can have a public and working blog.
Librarians at Baruch Reference has a blog. 10 years old

Reference question posts.. Allow students to help themselves…

Keep it open… So that way students can learn.

Alternative way for students to participate.

Make blogging part of the grade if blogging is used as a method in class.

Remedial assistant.

(Way to speak out against wasteful time vs. productive time.)

Online participate.. 80/20% rule.

Real time and not just a prescribe time…flexibility.


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April 1, 2014 at 3:46 pm

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Launching an online course

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For this presentation Elizabeth Gareis presented in person.


Presenting content
Student evaluations

Choosing a course

Obtain equipment and software

  • Desktop/laptop
  • Headset with mic
  • LMS
  • Screen casting software
  • Video production equipment

Choose a platform suitable for your needs (Presenter used a blackboard environment)

Design a syllabus



Pause and reflect slides in presentation.

Discussion boards

Online learning..  (Requires great discipline)

When planning, be prepare for changes.

Erin Eatough– headed up the second portion of this panel as a remote presenter.

Her agenda was this:

  • Quality matters
  • Best practice recs
  • Ex course

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Blackboard Collaborate @ 17th Annual Teaching & Technology Conference

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Okay so this was the first panel I attended at this conference, and it was mostly a run down of how to use Blackboard, what features are there. This was a panel that was definitely targeted toward instructors who would be interested in learning new features of Blackboard which is a program that is used by CUNY. This was a panel presented by Kevin Wolff and Caroline Peppers from Baruch.

Agenda for this panel

  • Tools and features
  • How to create a session
  • Best practices q&a

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

  • Online learning and collaboration platform, designed specifically for learning.

*Always run audio setup wizard before any session*
Two options.. File window or from audio video panel

Graph showing that there’s more fear than excitement for faculty members vs. IT professionals.

Whenever you’re in a lecture panel.
-Unclick talk button when not speaking to allow for others to speak and lower chance of feedback or background noise. Be in an area that is quiet to minimize background noise.


  • Alert with video/audio issue
  • Can ask questions without interrupting the lecture
  • Send hyperlinks within chatbox

Whiteboard features and as moderators… you can control:

  • Manage pages
  • Interact or engage or not?
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Privileges

Have to use pointer or pen tool to specifically interact with white board.

Save whiteboard in .wbd or .wbf files to reuse in future.

Can share other programs opened and maximize on desktop

Good only for Apps like Office Suite and not streaming video

Web tour

  • Can bring students on a virtual field tour
  •  Follow me.. And there’s a timer.. So mention in class chat to be aware of time, as you pull the students back in.

Know Blackboard Technical support, there’s rich support.

Starting session

               Allow them to come in at least 15 mins in advance.

Practice makes purpose

Familarize yourself with interface

Faculitate studeny orientation to technology

Engage participants

Check frequently for understanding.

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Flood of meeting notes to come!

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On March 28, 2014 I was able to attend the 17th Annual Teaching and Technology Conference at Baruch College, where there were three hours of panels/presentations made. Following that, I attended two PSC CUNY Junior Faculty meetings. I took a lot of notes, and of course in the next following entries, I will be just updating blog entries with my notes.

This is mostly for my records, and by no means am I trying to dictate someone else’s experience. Read at your own peril, or draw up popcorn.

For Baruch’s conference I attended these panels:

Blackboard Collaborate: Teach Beyond the Classroom
Publishing with Blogs@Baruch
Launching an Online Course

PSCCuny: How to Survive &  Thrive in first seven years at CUNY 

Tenure Community College
Grants and Research

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March 31, 2014 at 8:51 pm

NYLA Conference 2007 – Oct 17-Oct 21

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This is my first year attending the NYLA conference and it was an enlightening experience. I truly enjoyed my time at Buffalo with the Conference, hotel stay was another thing all together, but let’s just focus on the conference. I imagine if there’s any more interest, I will have to follow up with what I learn or meet at another entry. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 20, 2007 at 6:01 pm